Scan-Pac Industrial Sales has the dies and capabilities to meet all of your gasket needs.

Standard Ring and Full Face Gaskets
Stocked in various thicknesses in Red Rubber, Neoprene and Thermoseal 4401 non-asbestos compressed material. Other materials available upon request.

• Die cut up to 48"
• Capability to fabricate larger gaskets
• Can cut 150 lb., 300 lb. and up

Click to download Standard Ring Gaskets
Click to download Standard Full Face Gaskets 150 lb.
Click to download Standard Full Face Gaskets 300 lb.

Spiral Wound Metal Gaskets
Manufactured to Global industry standards including: ASME and EN/DIN. Choice of having them manufactured with or without outer or inner guide rings.
Winding Materials Available:
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Alloy 20
Other materials available
Filler Materials Include:
• Leaderfite
• GTB Grafoil
• Flexible Graphite
• Ceramic

Additional Metal Gaskets
• Heat exchanger gaskets
• Copper jacketed gaskets
• V-tite gaskets
• Elastagraph and Dynagraph gaskets

Boiler Gaskets
Manhole and Handhole Gaskets made out of Tetraglas (white), EPDM or metal. Oval or oblong available.

Sealex® Reliable Gasketing on a Roll
100% Pure PTFE which has been expanded by a special process to form soft, highly compressible gasketing on a roll. It has the very wide chamical resistance of PTFE and a pressure sensitive adhesive strip to ensure easy installation.

Lathe Cut Gaskets
Manufactured from a tube of rubber by inserting a mandrel into the tube and cutting the finished dimensions with a knife while the mandrel is turning at high speed.

manhole boiler gasket


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