Scan-Pac Industrial Sales, Inc.

has the dies and capabilities to meet all of your gasket needs.

Seals and Gaskets for Industrial Applications

Scan-Pac Industrial Sales, Inc. in Mequon, WI is a reliable manufacturer and distributor of gaskets, die-cut products, seals, friction materials, and more. Together with our company division known as Cut-Rite Die Cutting Co., we produce high-quality gaskets that are available at competitive prices.

Commitment to Quality

Our products are made from highly durable materials that are the finest in the industry. We pride ourselves on completing each product with the shortest possible lead time.

Products Offered



Count on us for standard and custom-cut gaskets that will prevent leaks in your piping systems. We provide different types of gaskets, such as spiral wound, compressed non-asbestos, rubbers, all teflons, and graphites.

We also supply standard full-face and ring gaskets for piping.

O-Rings and Seals


We supply O-rings that are used to create a tight seal between assembled parts and components of your pipes, pumps, and cylinders.

Custom Die Cutting Materials


Rely on us for custom gaskets that are made from different types of materials. These include rubber, non-elastomer, and plastic.

Bolt Packs


Scan-Pac Industrial Sales can supply nuts, bolts and gaskets into Bolt Packs. Your choice of parts shrink-wrapped onto a board or in a box.

Braided Packing


Scan Pac Industrial can supply all your braided packing needs including the following:
Aramid Fiber, Carbon Yarn, Fiberglass, Graphite Yarn, Pure Teflon, Teflon/Graphite, and Vegetable Fibre Packing.

Friction Materials, Phenolic Bearings, and Laminates


Scan-Pac Industrial Sales is an authorized distributor of Scan-Pac Manufacturing friction products for Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Scan-Pac Manufacturing offers the most complete source of friction materials in the industry.

Canning Plant Gaskets and Packing


We cut all cooker valve gaskets, door gaskets, and Blanchard/ Scott Tubing gaskets.  We supply manhole and handhole gaskets for boiler and cookers.

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No job is too big or too small in gasket size. No matter what you need, we will strive to deliver it as soon as possible.
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